The History of the Fashion House Mühlhäuser

The fashion house was originally founded in 1911 by the siblings Heene, until 1933 Philipp Heene and his sister Johanna Mühlhäuser founded the present-day fashion house Mühlhäuser. After five years, the fashion house moved from the original location Färbergraben in the beautiful corner at the Kaufingerstraße 25 (now 24). In 2000 the family Mühlhäuser decided consciously to move to the Weinstraße, coupled with the reduction in the sales area of 1,000 square meters to 220 square meters. The Kaufingerstraße developed more and more towards a collection of large store chains. Nevertheless, the location Kaufingerstraße  is not totally abandoned, there is still the administration.

The  Fashion House Mühlhäuser in the Weinstraße 11
(closed on 01-26-2015)

After a major renovation and complete redesign of the sales rooms, the new fashion house opened on 9 March 2000 in the Weinstraße. In July 2010 it was completely redesigned. On two floors, connected by a glass elevator and with the typical ambiance, Mühlhäuser offers goods of high quality brand companies. The focus is on the brand BASLER. The fashion house is appropriately named "Your BASLER Fashion House in Munich". The breadth and depth of the BASLER fashion range are unique in Munich. Overall, the Coordinates idea is clearly in the foreground. For example, the fashion-conscious woman about 40 easily finds the perfect dress suitable for (almost) every event and many situations. The offer is supplemented by including the brand Mühlhäuser Classic. Naturally you can also find the matching accessories, such as exclusive bags. One of the focal aspects of Mühlhäuser is personal service and advice. The committed customer advisors will be pleased to take the time to help you with competent advice and offer you a range of ideas. This philosophy is reflected in the two main guidelines of the house: "We view our customers as partners, you look forward to." and "Fashion without sales advice is like a star without a manager."