After more than 100 years – a fashion era comes to an end.

Dear Muehlhaeuser Customer,

the fashion house was originally founded in 1911 by the siblings Heene, until 1933 Philipp Heene and his sister Johanna Muehlhaeuser founded the present-day fashion house Muehlhaeuser. After five years, the fashion house moved from the original location Faerbergraben in the beautiful corner at the Kaufingerstraße 25 (now 24). In 1966 the company passed to the second generation. On his mother death Harro Muehlhaeuser continued the business. Since his marriage in 1969, together with his wife, which is called as the mother Johanna, they lead the company to a new fashion glory. Competent advice has always been the focus. Therefore not only the fashion-loving women in Munich was offered a sophisticated fashion, but also celebrities from politics, entertainment, films and television were among the customers. In 2000 the family Muehlhaeuser decided consciously to move to the Weinstrasse, coupled with the reduction in the sales area.

After more than 100 years now this unique fashion era came to an end. "Muehlhaeuser - fashion in munich" closed the doors on 26. January 2015. 

A new generation in the family leaded to business orientation and more than one hundred years of fashion history came to an end. The company Muehlhaeuser ran completely out of the retail store and will face new challenges.

Thank you for loyalty. We looked forward to you all the times and say with conviction: because we had always your beauty at heart.

Your family Muehlhaeuser